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Become a Matrix Motorsport Partner

We have pleasure in introducing you to an exciting, high performance, nationally visible campaign that has the ability to deliver brand exposure, sales development, corporate networking, product sampling, incentive and promotional opportunities. 

The association with a high profile action sport brings attention to brands by engaging a focussed and enthusiastic audience on a emotional and dynamic level, setting apart the companies involved from their competitors on a local, regional and national level.

Whilst an underlying passion and commitment to motorsport is at the heart of everything it does and because its founders are leaders in their respective industries, there’s a strong business model that wraps around the team. Its corporate DNA means the team represents a perfect platform for sponsors and supporting partners.

Here’s what’s on offer:

• Brand exposure 

• Business development

• Product sampling

• On-event marketing

• Corporate hospitality 

• Audience participation

• Corporate networking

• PR and social media 

• Product launches 

• Customer, supplier and staff incentives

• Action & activity days

• Association with high profile action sport

CONTACT US - for further details.


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